Klang vol.143 [31.01.2010] : Black and Bloodred

1) Swans - Love will tear us apart (Red Version) / Love will tear us apart EP (Caroline Records, 1988)
2) Drowning the virgin silence - Birds fly / Beneath the sulfur sky (Reverb Worship, 2009)
3) Amen Ra - To go on and live with out / Afterlife EP (Self released, 2009)
4) Amen Ra - Wear my crown / Afterlife EP (Self released, 2009)
5) Drowning the virgin silence - White skin sun / Beneath the sulfur sky (Reverb Worship, 2009)
6) Chris Forsyth - String Haters / Dreams (Evoving ear, 2009)
7) The Mayfair Set - Dark House / Young ones (Woodsist, 2009)
8) Tom White - On Sundays / In poor visibility (Hibernate, 2010)
9) Current 93 - A gothic love song / Soft Black Stars (Durtro, 1998)

Photo from the 'Roses' serie by Guido Mocafico (2009)

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"I have three mistresses.
The first has a spirit mobile as a bamboo leaf.
Her light and Playful spirit is like the feathery blossom of the eulalia.
Her eyes is like the lotus.
And her beast is as firm as the lemon.
Her hair, twisted in a single braid, falls over her golden
shoulder like a black serpent.
Her voice has the sweetness of mountain honey.
Her loins are slender and lithe.
Her thigs are round as the supple trunk of the banana-tree.
Her gait is that of a young and playful elephant.
She loves passion, knows how to give it birth and vary it!
I have three mistresses.

I have three mistresses.
The second has abundant hair which gleams and flows in long silky garlands.
Her glance would disturb the God of Love
And make the wagtail blush.
The body of that graceful women flows like a golden vine.
Her ear-rings are encrusted with precious stones.
Like a flower jewelled with frost on a cold and sunny morning.
Her clothes are summer gardens.
And temples on festival-days.
And her firm, full breasts shine like a pair of golden vases
Filled with intoxicating liquors and perfumes.
I have three mistresses.

I have three mistresses.
The hair of the third is plaited
And rolled about her head.
And never has known the sweetness of perfumed oils.
That face which mirrors passion is deformed,
Her body is like a pig's.
You'd say she was always angry.
She always scolds and complains.
Her breasts and belly exhale a fishy odour.
She is ill-favoured in her entire person.
She eats everything and drinks to excess.
And her wan eyes are always bleary.
And her bed is more repugnant than a lapwing's nest.
And she is the one i love.
And i love her because there is something more mysteriously attractive than beauty: it is corruption.
Corruption in which the eternal heat of life resides,
In which the eternal renewal of metamorphoses unfolds!
I have three mistresses..."

from 'The Torture Garden' (1899) - Octave Mirbeau

(Thanks to Z.A. for inspiration)


Klang vol.142 [24.01.2010] : Different colours made of tears

1) Liturgy - Mysterium / Renihilation (20 Buck Spin, 2009)
2) Liturgy - Beyond the magic forest / Renihilation (20 Buck Spin, 2009)
3) Simon Scott - Derelict Days / Navigare (Miasmah, 2009)
4) Simon Scott - The Acc / Navigare (Miasmah, 2009)
5) Tinsel - By the bluest of these / The poor minstrels of song and the temple of the moon 2 (Bluesanct, 2002)
6) Machinefabriek - Dauw (Original Version) / Dauw (Split) (Dekorder, 2009)
7) Nils Frahm - Dauw (Piano Adaptation) / Dauw (Split) (Dekorder, 2009)
8) Lawrence English - The Surface of everything/ A Colour for Autumn (12k, 2009)
9) Yellow Tears - Untitled 1&2 / Don't Cry (Hospital Productions, 2009)

Background music: Lawrence English - The Prelude to / A Colour for Autumn (12k, 2009)

Man Ray- Tears (1930)

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Klang vol. 140 [10.01.2010] : So the story goes: R.I.P Rowland S. Howard

1) Monolake - Null pointer / Silence (Imbalance, 2009)
2) Monolake - Reconnect / Slience (Imbalance, 2009)
3) Throbbing Gristle - Persuasion / 20 Jazz Funk Greats (Industrial, 1979)
4) These Immortal Souls - So the story goes / I'm never gonna die again (Mute, 1992)
5) These Immortal Souls - Insomnicide / I'm never gonna die again (Mute, 1992)
6) Rowland S. Howard - Wayward Man / Pop Crimes (Liberation Music, 2009)
7) The Birthday Party - Junkyard / Junkyard (4AD, 1982)
8) Altar of Plagues - Earth: As Furnace / White Tombs (Profound Lore, 2009)

Background Music: Monolake - Void / Silence (Imbalance, 2009)

The story goes you know every detail
Everybody knows the books that I'm in
The story goes I've been self-destructive
Everybody knows that I'm steeped in sin
Everybody knows I've got no sense of humour
I'm too morose and too damn peculiar
And the weakness shows...

The story goes that I'd give up gladly
The story goes this is a deadman's prose
Everybody knows that I've fucked up badly
I'm just hanging on by the length of my nose
Everybody knows I've only got one song
And it's much too slow and it's much too long
And this is how it goes

Everybody knows this is some kinda diary
The story goes in some unsecret code
It's always later rather than sooner
I'm always there when the punch line explodes
The story goes I've got the world by the horns
And all this from a well-dressed fawn
And there's something gone wrong

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Klang vol. 139 [03.01.2010] : Sadly, the future is no longer what it was

1 hour mix from Leyland Kirby's trilogy 'Sadly, the future is no longer what it was' from History Always Favours The Winners (2009)

Sadly, the future is no longer what it was from Leyland Kirby on Vimeo.

Link for 2009's last show: http://rapidshare.com/files/329710988/klang271209.mp3.html