Klang vol. 122 [30.08.2009] : This is not about everything

1) Blues Control - Good Morning / Local Flavor (Siltbreeze, 2009)
2) William Fowler Collins - Grave Robbing in Texas / Perdition Hill Radio (Type, 2009)
3) Tulasi - Untitled 2 / Huomen Tuone (Troglosound, 2009)
4) Tulasi - Untitled 7 / Huomen Tuone (Troglosound, 2009)
5) Yellow Swans with John Wiese - Evicted CDR / Portable Duns (Helicopter, 2009)
6) Yellow Swans with John Wiese - Disco Girlfriend / Portable Duns (Helicopter, 2009)
7) Robedoor - Magic Tar Pit Ride / Exorcist Blues (Monorail Trespassing, 2009)

Artworks by Liz Harris (a.k.a. Grouper)
(Second one for the 'Portable Duns' cover)

A Vast Confusion

Long long I lay in the sands

Sounds of trains in the surf
in subways of the sea
And an even greater undersound
of a vast confusion in the universe
a rumbling and a roaring
as of some enormous creature turning
under sea and earth
a billion sotto voices murmuring
a vast muttering
a swelling stuttering
in ocean's speakers
world's voice-box heard with ear to sand
a shocked echoing
a shocking shouting
of all life's voices lost in night
And the tape of it
someow running backwards now
through the Moog Synthesizer of time
Chaos unscrambled
back to the first
And the first light

poem by Lawrance Ferlinghetti

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