Klang vol. 131 [01.11.2009]: Shell of a man forgotten his human form again

1) Sir Richard Bishop - Taqasim for Omar / The Freak of Araby (Drag City, 2009)
2) Elm - Nemcatacoa / Nemcatacoa (Digitalis, 2009)
3) Gnaw their tongues - i hear only the clanking of the scythe (Burning World/Crucial Blast, 2009)
4) Gnaw their tongues - The stench of dead horses on my breath and the vile of existence in my hands (Burning World/Crucial Blast, 2009)
5) Elm - Silver dust in moonlight / Nemcatacoa (Digitalis, 2009)
6) Elm - Deep Mirage / Nemcatacoa (Digitalis, 2009)
7) Rosetta - Deneb / The Galilean Satellites (Translation Loss, 2005)
8) Rosetta - Au pays natal / The Galilean Satellites (Translation Loss/Crucial Blast, 2005)

Artwork by Markus Putze

When God's work of creating has ceased; when the heavens have
disappeared and the stars are quenched; when spirits rise from
their retreats and wander in the depths with sighs and groans;
then, what unpicturable delight for thee! Then shalt thou sit on
the eternal thrones of heaven and of hell--shalt overthrow the
planets, stars, and worlds--shalt loose thy steed in fields of
emeralds and diamonds--shalt make his litter of the wings torn
from the angels,--shalt cover him with the robe of righteousness!
Thy saddle shall be broidered with the stars of the empyrean,--and
then thou wilt destroy it! After thou hast annihilated everything,
--when naught remains but empty space,--thy coffin shattered and
thine arrows broken, then make thyself a crown of stone from
heaven's highest mount, and cast thyself into the abyss of oblivion.
Thy fall may last a million aeons, but thou shalt die at last.
Because the world must end; all, all must die,--except Satan!
Immortal more than God! I live to bring chaos into other worlds!

from 'The Dance of Death'(1838), Gustave Flaubert

(samples from the poem featured in Gnaw Their Tongues track 'The stench of dead horses on my breath and the vile of existence in my hands')

link for last week's show: http://rapidshare.com/files/300979004/klang0111.mp3.html


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