Klang vol. 247 [01.04.2012] : Water

1) Black to Comm - Mirror / Earth (De Stijl, 2012)
2) Black to Comm - Thrones / Earth (De Stijl, 2012)
3) The Loom - For the hooves that gallop and the heels that march / Teeth (Crossbill, 2012)
4) The Loom - With legs / Teeth (Crossbill, 2011)
5) Lee Noble - Fantasy Hair / No Becoming (Sweat Lodge Guru, 2011)
6) Lee Noble - Born Mistake / No Becoming (Sweat Lodge Guru, 2011)
7) Lee Noble - Paradise Life / No Becoming (Sweat Lodge Guru, 2011)
8) Bryter Lyter - Understanding Interdependance / Two Lenses (Students of decay, 2012)
9) Bryter Lyter - Second Light / Two Lenses (Students of decay, 2012)
10) Mirrorring - Cliffs / Foreign Body (Kranky, 2012)

Photography: Matthew Brandt - Shasta Lake CA 4


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